About Integrative Cancer Clinic
We are an integrative cancer care clinic, supporting patients with cancer with individualized, whole-person care using naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, psychotherapy, yoga and massage therapy. These therapies can be helpful supplementally at each stage of the disease – from cancer prevention through conventional treatment into survivorship and palliative care. To learn more, contact us or book an appointment.
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Weekly, one hour drop-in sessions, where you will learn and practice mindfulness-based techniques.
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Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and manual therapies to create balance between the mental and physiological environment.
Our Approach

We provide support when seeking a holistic approach to your cancer care. Our naturopathic treatments can be helpful at each stage of your cancer in combination with allopathic treatments – in primary prevention of recurrence and support during and after conventional treatment.

Naturopathic treatments may significantly improve your quality of life by decreasing conventional cancer treatments’ toxicity and side effects, strengthening your immune system, and supporting your body’s healing ability.


Our naturopathic doctors work with you, your family, oncologist, surgeon, and family doctor to develop complementary, therapeutic programs that help optimize overall wellness. Therapies may include naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, psychotherapy, yoga, and massage therapy.
Integrative Cancer Care
As naturopathic doctors at the CCNM ICC, we have additional training in integrative cancer care. Working closely with CCNM student interns and residents, we guide and monitor you through suitable complementary therapies.